The Neptune chair has been designed in line with suggestions and improvements made for people with reduced mobility and enables them to enjoy bathing in the sea or in swimming pools.

For example: the height of the seat is half that of a standard wheelchair, making it easier to move from the wheelchair to the amphibious chair, from the amphibious chair to the sand, and from the amphibious chair to the water. You can sit down starting from the footrest, the seat or the floating armrests.

Thanks to the armrests, users can sit in a comfortable position. Its well thought-out design makes the amphibian chair extremely stable thanks to the distance between its floaters, giving the bather much greater safety.
Floats with its passenger

Excellent flotation and stability.
Does not turn over in the water under normal conditions.
The water depth is not important.
It should be used with another person in attendance.
The use of a life jacket is recommended if the passenger intends to
get off the chair to swim.
Remember that this is not a boat and should not be used as such.

Moves easily over sand and pebbles.
It can move over any kind of terrain and even go down steps.
It is front-wheel driven which means it can be handled and steered using just one hand.
On very soft or uneven terrain the front handlebars can be managed by two people and the armrests can be used to push.

It is comfortable and stable both in and out of the water.
Thanks to the armrests, the user can relax in a comfortable position.
On the beach it serves just like a sunbed for comfortable sunbathing.

Easy to use
The height of the seat of the amphibious chair is lower than the average wheelchair to make it easy to transfer the passenger.
The foot support means you can stretch your legs out or let them fall into the water or onto the sand.
Both the material used and the rounded shapes of the structure limit the risk of injury.

Resistant to sand and salt water.
Made from very hardwearing material.

The chair can be dismantled and folded up, making it easy to transport in conventional vehicles.

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